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Enrollment Services

The BeneFit Company provides Benefit Education, Communication and an Enrollment Platform to work with you in getting Employees to understand what they have for benefits and show them their hidden paycheck. By taking the Education, Communication and Enrollment off your plate, it allows you to spend more time on your business.


Giving your employees adequate group health insurance benefits certainly boosts productivity. Learn more about our comprehensive group plans and individual insurance plans.

Payroll Services

Every business is different. So why should you have to compromise when it comes to finding a payroll system that fits your company’s needs? With the Workforce Payroll Solution, you don’t have to! Our scalable, Web-based system is completely customizable to meet the unique demands of your business.

Who We Are

The BeneFit Company (TBC) is a full-service insurance group based in Maryland. Finding solutions to help clients handle challenges is our commitment. With more than 30 years of experience, we partner with many carriers to design cost-effective group and individual programs to fit your specific needs. 


Contact us in to request for more information about Enrollment Services, Individual or Employee Benefit Programs and Payroll Services.

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