Enrollment Services

We are your HR partner!

The average employer’s biggest pain point is often plan administration and the time-consuming tasks associated with managing their benefits offering. Similarly, participants often feel as though they lack the tools to manage their accounts effectively.

The BeneFit Company provides benefit Education, Communication and an Enrollment platform to work with you to help employees to understand their chosen benefits and options.

  • We Educate employees on the options they have available to them and help them with any questions they have
  • We Communicate any plan changes as well as existing options
  • We Enroll all employee benefits all in a one-to-one meeting with each employee at no direct cost to the business

We are Your Dedicated Insurance Provider

The BeneFit Company (TBC) is a full-service insurance group based in Maryland. Finding solutions to help clients handle challenges is our commitment. With more than 30 years of experience, we partner with many carriers to design cost-effective group and individual programs to fit your specific needs. Proudly serving the United States including; Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.